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Having experienced many challenges in my life over the years, I have been on a journey of growth, spirituality, self-care, forgiveness, and personal development. Many of the topics in the Mandala Journal are techniques I have used to help me through some of my darkest days and to invite more joy and gratitude into my life. Now I want to share them with you!

Mindfulness and meditation are incredibly powerful tools for taking control of our emotions, managing stress and allowing ourselves time to unplug, breathe, and focus on what is most important to us. These practices can also help our minds relax and work through the challenges we just can’t seem to find the answers to on our own. I hope these posts will help you in your personal journey as much as they have helped me in mine.

If there is a topic you would like me to cover, a technique you can share with others, or a story you want to tell, please reach out to me! If your idea or story gets published, you will receive exclusive hand-drawn mandalas just for you.

Happy reading!

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If there’s any one thing that small business owners can universally relate to, it’s stress. Whether you’re starting out at the beginning and everything is on you, or you’re managing a team of 50 and outgrowing your space, just because you were brave enough to jump into action doesn’t make the stress any easier to manage! But you did take that leap of faith – in yourself, and your vision – and we’ve got some tips to help you make stress manageable while you feed your energy into the momentum going into your evolving career plan.

Holidays are just around the corner and by now there’s a good chance you’re freaking out a bit. No matter what you celebrate in the winter season, the time has come for an overload of socializing, family time, hosting duties, gift-giving, and maybe even a New Year’s Eve wedding thrown in “just for fun”. But it’s okay, you’ve got this! If you’re at the point where you no longer look forward to the holidays, take heart and get back into the festive spirit with our tips to manage holiday chaos.

I use meditation every day to help me focus on my work, to relieve stress, and find inner peace, and I really find that these internal progressions reflect in my actions, particularly when a situation is tense or uncomfortable. Some days meditation will be easy and on others it will be challenging – no matter how much you practice. But the practice will teach you that the efforts are worth it, and will give you more experience to press through when it’s hard, or to know what forms of meditation most benefit you when you find it difficult to do.

Dedicated art therapy involves art as a medium and a therapist as a leader of the activity. It can be as simple as colouring computer printouts, creating collages or inspiration boards using images and words cut out from magazines, all the way to intricate oil paintings, pottery, and more. In addition to visual arts, art therapy also includes performance art like dance and music, as well as the vast genres of writing. One of the greatest benefits of art therapy comes in its many forms, making it widely customizable to someone’s needs, talents, and interests. Like any kind of skill, developing artistry to use as a therapeutic tool takes practice and time. The bonus is that the practice is a lot of fun, and that the learning can be as therapeutic as the honed skill.

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