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Having experienced many challenges in my life over the years, I have been on a journey of growth, spirituality, self-care, forgiveness, and personal development. Many of the topics in the Mandala Journal are techniques I have used to help me through some of my darkest days and to invite more joy and gratitude into my life. Now I want to share them with you!

Mindfulness and meditation are incredibly powerful tools for taking control of our emotions, managing stress and allowing ourselves time to unplug, breathe, and focus on what is most important to us. These practices can also help our minds relax and work through the challenges we just can’t seem to find the answers to on our own. I hope these posts will help you in your personal journey as much as they have helped me in mine.

If there is a topic you would like me to cover, a technique you can share with others, or a story you want to tell, please reach out to me! If your idea or story gets published, you will receive exclusive hand-drawn mandalas just for you.

Happy reading!

Signature Bhupi

While some very organized people start planning for the holidays in June or July, most of us are not thinking about it until we see every commercial and window sign reminding us that it’s time to start spending. 

I wanted to do make the living room my own, so I drew a henna-style feather mandala while doing all of my favourite things;

Life has been weird with this pandemic and, while we are not out of the woods yet, I am happy we have all been able to level out from the chaos and regain control. We are settling into our new normal, getting more comfortable with uncertainty, and starting to make more time to reconnect with the things that feed our souls. Many of us have discovered new or long-abandoned hobbies or taken the time to learn a new skill entirely.

A medical revolution has begun worldwide: doctors are being granted the ability to prescribe art as treatment. This is beyond exciting, and it’s should be celebrated as a breakthrough in modern medicine. As henna artists we have seen firsthand how art can benefit health.

We’ve talked about retreats here and there, but what is a retreat and why should you make attending one a priority?

To retreat, is the act of withdrawing to a safe place. A retreat, as in a noun, is the safe place. In going on or attending a retreat, you are making a bold move towards proper self-care by providing yourself with the uninterrupted opportunity to refresh. This can be done literally anywhere, it’s the activities and your commitment to blocking out unnecessary noise that are most important. Ideally, a retreat provides you with the time and tools to focus on what’s really important, like making a career change, strengthening relationships, or just stepping out of your regular schedule to stop and smell the roses.

Take a tally of all of the positive forces you’ve put in place: meditation, exercise, healthy eating, tea, art, positive thinking…hopefully, it’s a long list. You may still feel bogged down, and that’s okay because there are ups and downs: that’s life. However, you should still examine any environment in which you feel unsettled. Particularly the people around at the time.

Yes, okay, so we’re still in a state where we have to schedule self-care into our regular routine, but the positive is that we’re doing it! Society is finally moving into a direction where more and more people are adopting meditation, exercise, healthy eating, food for thought, and nature in their lives. As spring turns to summer – FINALLY – gardening is a fantastic way to take a time out for your mind and body while you connect with nature at an inspiring time.

The Scene:

You’re cooking dinner while answering your child’s questions about homework, adding to the grocery list, keeping an eye on the clock because soccer practice starts soon, and thinking about what to pack for tomorrow’s lunches. At best you’re tense, but complete all of the activities before flying out the door. At worst you ruin dinner, ignore your child, forget about the list and lunches, and are late out the door. Sound familiar? Your scenario likely includes a dog, someone in your house working shifts, and a long list of plans for a magical time called Someday.

When you’ve been juggling things to keep what you thought was balance but was in fact precarious. Walking on eggshells, paying close attention to detail to make sure you don’t drop anything. When what you really need to do is put stuff down and make change rather than sticking on a bandage. At some point you must admit, “good enough” isn’t good enough! You deserve better.

Stress is a physical reaction to…something. It could be anything, really. You may experience stress when you get a bad grade on a test, when you have a fight with a friend, when you can’t find something you know you left in a safe spot, or when you’re about to go on stage. When we experience stress it is our body’s way of pumping us up to make quick decisions in the face of danger, also known as the survival instincts Fight or Flight.

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