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Having experienced many challenges in my life over the years, I have been on a journey of growth, spirituality, self-care, forgiveness, and personal development. Many of the topics in the Mandala Journal are techniques I have used to help me through some of my darkest days and to invite more joy and gratitude into my life. Now I want to share them with you!

Mindfulness and meditation are incredibly powerful tools for taking control of our emotions, managing stress and allowing ourselves time to unplug, breathe, and focus on what is most important to us. These practices can also help our minds relax and work through the challenges we just can’t seem to find the answers to on our own. I hope these posts will help you in your personal journey as much as they have helped me in mine.

If there is a topic you would like me to cover, a technique you can share with others, or a story you want to tell, please reach out to me! If your idea or story gets published, you will receive exclusive hand-drawn mandalas just for you.

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The holidays are a time for peace, joy, and family. It’s also the season where we show the ones we love how much we love them by showering them with gifts. It’s a tradition as old as time, and it has pure, well-meaning intentions. However, the powers-that-be have turned simple gift-giving into a multi-billion-dollar industry. An industry we so willingly participate in each year, without so much as a consideration for the effects on our environment, mental health, and bank accounts.

Over the years, the time we spend on our screens (whether that be our smartphones, laptops, TVs, or iPads) has increased significantly. Add in a global pandemic, and watch those numbers soar even higher. I know I don’t speak for myself when I say I certainly have spent more time on my smartphone than I did five years ago. Hell, it seems like my screen time percentage increases each week!

When we suffer a sudden loss from our daily routine it is generally job loss, moving, the end of a friendship, or the death of a loved one. Those all come with a prescribed grieving period. But when you have an empty nest? Society has depicted parents as throwing a party and renovating the child-turned-adult’s room into a craft room.

Are you struggling with Mom guilt when it comes to making time for your self-love practice? Afraid others will think you’re being narcissistic for putting yourself first? Well, I’m here to tell you… f* that. You deserve to have and enjoy a daily self-love practice.

You’re welcome. Now that any doubt you had about starting a self-love practice is out of the way, where do you start?

The secret to success is to meditate daily. Meditation won’t guarantee you a lucky lottery ticket or your dream job, but it can provide you with the focus, calm, and mindfulness you need to see where you need to go in order to be your own hero. Daily meditation sounds daunting, but it feels natural. Get started on a schedule, and you’ll find yourself making room for meditation with ease. 

Forgiveness is powerful, that’s why it’s so difficult to ask for. We tend to hold on to our faults and keep score of our failures, but to what end? Learn a lesson, make a new plan, and move forward to tackle another challenge. Thrive! New Year’s Day has come and gone, and in the heart of February, there’s a very good chance that your resolutions began to unravel if not completely fallen apart. You know what? That’s okay! 

I’ve taken numerous yoga classes and heard I need to practice self-love, and that moving my body can be an act of self-care. I’ve seen advertisements for spas or a new beauty product and had both self-love and self-care thrown in my face as tools to get me to buy something.

These two words often seem interchangeable, but are they?

Tea is a wonderful source of comfort, relaxation, joy, reward, and inspiration. There’s a tea for every mood, moment, and state of mindfulness. Enjoyed the world over in a variety of ways, hailed in ceremony, and served to classy company, tea is always appropriate!

How are those New Year’s Resolutions going? And those birthday year goals? Best Life milestones? Bucket List checkmarks? Whatever you call them, we have all set goals in our lives that we have failed at completing. Maybe you want to become physically stronger, better at being on time, a regular at mailing birthday cards, to try meditation, or learn how to cook. No matter how big or how small your goals, here are some tips that could help you find focus and the ambition to get back on track right now.

Your first thought when choosing a travel companion is compatibility. You start to sift through your list of friends and think back to trips you’ve been on before, and rack your brain for reasons to – or not –extend an invitation to experience the world together. Now put all of those pros and cons towards one of your parents: You already know what you’re getting in to with them, you’re both familiar with and can handle each other’s quirky habits, and finally, perhaps best of all, you know how to have an argument without destroying your relationship (or the trip). You can truly be yourself and have a great time!

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