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If there’s any one thing that small business owners can universally relate to, it’s stress. Whether you’re starting out at the beginning and everything is on you, or you’re managing a team of 50 and outgrowing your space, just because you were brave enough to jump into action doesn’t make the stress any easier to manage! But you did take that leap of faith – in yourself, and your vision – and we’ve got some tips to help you make stress manageable while you feed your energy into the momentum going into your evolving career plan.

Respect Routine:

Establish a routine that works for you. Be prepared to try new things, and make adjustments – resist the urge to keep trying to make something work that doesn’t. If you can’t make morning meetings on time, stop booking morning meetings. Alternatively, orchestrate an earlier bedtime and wake up routine (that includes quality sleep, please!), but do this before you resume accepting morning meetings. Make sure your routine includes breaks, lunch away from SMB Stress blogyour desk, and social time that doesn’t include work email. Keep in mind that sometimes you have to say “No,”, that you can’t do that new job right away because you’re going on vacation, and that you don’t have time for a networking commitment this week. Establish a healthy work and play routine, stick to it, and you may find your productivity goes up and you still have time to see the next Marvel movie before it’s out of theatres.


Meditation has been sweeping the social media nation, and for good reason. This is a mindfulness technique that anyone can do, anywhere, anytime, from any background, culture, or religion. Meditation can be as simple as taking a break from whatever you’re doing for a few minutes just to breathe until your mind stops racing. You can kick it up a notch with a mantra – a phrase of strength or positivity to focus on that you repeat aloud or silently while you breathe such as, “I am enough.” Use meditation to prepare for a presentation, or help you focus on re-prioritizing your To-Do list.

Art Therapy:

Finally, we’d like to highlight the benefits of art on focus and stress management. Think of art as your grocery list: at some point before you go shopping you take a few moments to consider what it is that you need. Art can help you with that, whether you participate in dedicated art therapy programs or pick up a colouring book at home. Taking a break from your problems and letting your mind focus instead on colours, shapes, and creativity can help you problem-solve or find a new perspective on a project or new dream. It’s also a ton of fun!

As a small business owner understand the reigning chaos of trying to create a balance between home, work and play, and the stress of booking your ever-jammed calendar. Henna4You is a proponent of the benefits of art in our daily lives which is why we make our henna artists available to book for community events, festivals, corporate parties, and birthdays. Our sister company Mandalas4You breathes new life into colouring by teaching mandala drawing workshops, complete with instructions on mindful breathing and the history of this relaxing art form. We also host party workshops so you can sip a glass of wine as you practice the beautiful art of mandalas with your crew! 

Contact Henna4You to book a henna party or Mandalas4You for a mandala workshop.

And relax! You’ve already accomplished a great deal, take a moment and revel in your success.

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