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Your first thought when choosing a travel companion is compatibility. You start to sift through your list of friends and think back to trips you’ve been on before, and rack your brain for reasons to – or not –extend an invitation to experience the world together. Now put all of those pros and cons towards one of your parents: You already know what you’re getting in to with them, you’re both familiar with and can handle each other’s quirky habits, and finally, perhaps best of all, you know how to have an argument without destroying your relationship (or the trip). You can truly be yourself and have a great time!

Are you looking to boost your immune system, lessen feelings of loneliness and isolation, increase your happiness, and have stronger emotional relationships? Seems impossible to make all these changes in your life by introducing one habit, right? I promise this is not the transcript for an infomercial.

For something that happens naturally to your body, menopause sure feels like it’s trying to destroy you. Like you’re mutating from within and when the metamorphosis is complete you’ll be a whole new you: or maybe have superpowers, at least. Right?!

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