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For several years now the self-care Must-Do’s seem to focus on 2 actions: mindfulness, and writing things down. Mindfulness is a no-brainer by now, right?

It’s hard enough to carve out some me-time during the day to sit still and let your mind focus, and rewiring our brains to think positively is instantly rewarding, but do you have to pick up a pen and scroll something down in an honest-to-goodness journal or sticky note to truly succeed?

A mantra is a creed, a sentiment, or a principle that is repeated, often during meditation, as a point of mindful focus. Mantras can be said aloud or within the mind, and you can use them anywhere at any time. They are a ready-made tool that you can use immediately when anxiety, stress, sadness, fear, or anger take over your thoughts as you find your way back to rationality and peace.

Typically mantras are quite short and if you do a quick search online you’ll find tonnes of common unattributed examples like:

How often does the thought, I just need a moment to think cross your mind? We’re taught as children to stop and think. We spent so much of our youth being trained to stop and think, why can’t we do so as adults? Life experience isn’t the same as muscle memory, sometimes it pays to just stop and compare prices in the grocery store!

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