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Do you want more focus, clarity, passion, and something that is just for you?


Are you struggling with Mom guilt when it comes to making time for your self-love practice? Afraid others will think you’re being narcissistic for putting yourself first? Well, I’m here to tell you… f* that. You deserve to have and enjoy a daily self-love practice.

You’re welcome. Now that any doubt you had about starting a self-love practice is out of the way, where do you start?

The secret to success is to meditate daily. Meditation won’t guarantee you a lucky lottery ticket or your dream job, but it can provide you with the focus, calm, and mindfulness you need to see where you need to go in order to be your own hero. Daily meditation sounds daunting, but it feels natural. Get started on a schedule, and you’ll find yourself making room for meditation with ease. 

Forgiveness is powerful, that’s why it’s so difficult to ask for. We tend to hold on to our faults and keep score of our failures, but to what end? Learn a lesson, make a new plan, and move forward to tackle another challenge. Thrive! New Year’s Day has come and gone, and in the heart of February, there’s a very good chance that your resolutions began to unravel if not completely fallen apart. You know what? That’s okay! 

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