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Holidays are just around the corner and by now there’s a good chance you’re freaking out a bit. No matter what you celebrate in the winter season, the time has come for an overload of socializing, family time, hosting duties, gift-giving, and maybe even a New Year’s Eve wedding thrown in “just for fun”. But it’s okay, you’ve got this! If you’re at the point where you no longer look forward to the holidays, take heart and get back into the festive spirit with our tips to manage holiday chaos.

Take a good look at all of your scheduled commitments and then plan a massive To Do list. Don’t forget to include things that you want to do, you’re to have fun, too! Analyse your To Do list and figure out what you need to get done, whether that’s shopping, sending out invitations, decorate, or practice making some new dishes. Then take a close look and see what you can delegate to other family members or people attending the same events. Asking for help will not only relieve your stress, but it might just empower someone who is looking for an excuse to get into the spirit of things!

Holiday Chaos FBSay “No.” There’s no point in doing it all, whatever that all may be. Holidays are to be enjoyed by everyone. Including you! Alternate celebration plans, spread them out from November through the end of January, or offer to host a gathering in April when the weather is better. Sometimes saying no is as simple as saying you won’t be hosting this year, or that you will provide dessert and not the turkey this year. Figure out what it is about the task that makes you unhappy and problem solve a way to suit you and your loved ones.

Pick a couple of specific days to get shopping done. Take a day or 2 off of work – why not? Lots of people do it! Get your running around done in one go. Enlist your BFFs and make it fun! Map out where you need to go and plan an efficient route, complete with snack breaks.

Finally, our top tip; Meditate! Our favourite method of self-care is meditation because it has a multitude of health benefits and has been known to help manage blood pressure, pain, digestive issues and swelling when stress is involved. When we are less stressed our body physically unclenches. In taking some time to reduce stress you can also find focus, which is something you really, really benefit from during these busy holiday times. Meditate to help you get a grip on your To Do list, to remind yourself that you can do this, that it’s okay to ask for help, and most importantly, to allow yourself to enjoy this time with your family and friends. You really DO get to enjoy the holidays, even if you’re busy creating joy for your loved ones. Meditate for a few minutes a day or set aside half an hour more. Pull out a mandala or your colouring book and sit down and let your busy mind mellow. You can do these things almost anytime, and anywhere.

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