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I use meditation every day to help me focus on my work, to relieve stress, and find inner peace, and I really find that these internal progressions reflect in my actions, particularly when a situation is tense or uncomfortable. Some days meditation will be easy and on others it will be challenging – no matter how much you practice. But the practice will teach you that the efforts are worth it, and will give you more experience to press through when it’s hard, or to know what forms of meditation most benefit you when you find it difficult to do.

Meditation has been around for thousands of years and I want you to know that if you’re a rookie and find it hard to make it stick, you aren’t alone. Making a plan that works is what will make your meditation practice sustainable. To succeed, you have to be willing to try new things, sit in new spots, adopt new mantras, and most importantly, you can’t give up. Just like when you cheat on your diet you get back on track with your next meal, if you miss your morning meditation you make time for a nighttime session. Keep at it!

Rookie Starter Guide FBTo get started, know why you’re meditating. Is it to ease stress, to take time for yourself, or to become more in tune with your thoughts? Understanding the logic of your meditation will help you choose mantras that you believe in, that support your mind and body, and that will come back to you through your day when you most need them.

Next, choose your mantras and find a quiet spot. Get comfy! You’ll do best with limited distractions, and a kink in your back won’t help you focus on your meditation. Tell your family you’re taking 15 minutes of meditation time and you’re not to be disturbed short of an emergency. Get the hang of meditation yourself then bring your family in to it later. Taking care of yourself is a worthwhile effort, and you are worthy.

Fun fact: Meditation has no real set amount of time to be effective. You can mediate for an hour, you can sit in your desk chair and mediate for 1 minute. Start with fewer minutes and add 30 secnds a day until you feel you’re meditating enough for your needs. It’s really that simple to incorporate meditation into your life.

Now, take a slow, deep breath. Let it out. And begin.

There are a lot of guided meditation audio files online, but I prefer to mediate under my own design. You can put on some white noise or instrumental music and play around with aromatherapy, but the point is that you don’t need anything when you meditate except yourself. The more it becomes routine, the more meditation becomes habit. Like having a cup of coffee in the morning or checking the mail. Get up in the morning, jump in the shower, meditate, have your coffee, get dressed. Or get the kids ready for bed, meditate, and get yourself ready for bed.

The art of mandalas is great way to ease into meditation. Maybe you aren’t ready to be left alone with your thoughts yet. That’s okay! Drawing or even colouring pre-drawn mandalas can help you learn to slow down, to let your mind calm down, and focus on the task in front of you.

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