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We’ve talked about retreats here and there, but what is a retreat and why should you make attending one a priority?

To retreat, is the act of withdrawing to a safe place. A retreat, as in a noun, is the safe place. In going on or attending a retreat, you are making a bold move towards proper self-care by providing yourself with the uninterrupted opportunity to refresh. This can be done literally anywhere, it’s the activities and your commitment to blocking out unnecessary noise that are most important. Ideally, a retreat provides you with the time and tools to focus on what’s really important, like making a career change, strengthening relationships, or just stepping out of your regular schedule to stop and smell the roses.

You should attend a retreat with a goal in mind. Goals to take on retreat include:

  • Improve mental focus
  • Make time to quiet inner chaos and seek personal truths
  • Try a new exercise or athletic activity
  • Write, paint, make music, dance, or build on other artistic endeavors
  • Learn a new skill, craft, or talent
  • Reconnect with nature
  • Build a better relationship with a spouse, family member, or work team
  • Spiritual growth
  • Destress
  • Have fun!

Retreat Yourself FBWhen looking for a retreat to book, you can go for something with group activities, or solo. Booking a room in a B&B for the weekend out in the woods by yourself so you can write, read, or sit on the porch and knit are retreats! Organized retreats offer a great deal for you to explore in body, mind, and emotion. They often include group and solo activities to help you power up to face the real world once you’re back in it.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not! The success of your retreat experience depends on you. You make the most of it, you get the most of it. If you go in with an open heart and a positive mind – or even just willing to try something new – you set yourself up for a life-changing experience.

There are retreats out there available for every interest and budget, you just have to look. It’s not difficult to turn girls’ weekend at the cottage into a retreat! Book a winery tour, yoga classes, bring your own spa accessories, plan to cook together and pick out some walking trails. Make a pact to stay off of the internet for the weekend and see what happens!

We recommend that you come and try out an organized retreat by our sister company Live Love Laugh Retreats! Our retreat facilitators provide a warm, welcoming environment that is focused on mindfulness, self-care, and fun! Come to learn and practice yoga, meditate, learn about visualization and the benefits of positive thinking – and how to do it. Would you like to make a mala, try your hand at ayurvedic cooking, and experiment with aromatherapy? Come on retreat with us! And there is a lot of fun to be had with themed events designed just to relax and have a wonderful time. For more information on Live Love Laugh Retreats call (519) 741 7007 and have a look at our website for upcoming events.

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