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When you’ve been juggling things to keep what you thought was balance but was in fact precarious. Walking on eggshells, paying close attention to detail to make sure you don’t drop anything. When what you really need to do is put stuff down and make change rather than sticking on a bandage. At some point you must admit, “good enough” isn’t good enough! You deserve better.

Start by taking control of your stress. Some stress is good because it motivates us to do better, but when stress holds you back you’ve got to reach for the reigns and drive your mind and body instead of letting them trot on home as per usual.

Slow Down:

We get into the habit of busy and think that we can’t slow down or else we’ll fall over, but slowing down doesn’t mean losing it. There are little things we can do to quiet the chaos of our everyday lives in a snap. Start by turning your phone Slow Down blogonto silent, turning off your data or WiFi, and flipping it over so that you can’t see the screen light up with a message. If you’re worried the school will call, turn it to vibrate, but otherwise leave it alone.

It’s okay not to answer text message for an hour. Focus on what you’re doing, whether it’s work, grocery shopping, working out, or reading your book, and feel the stress of being on call lift. Close your eyes for a moment, deep breath in, deep breath out. Meditate for a few minutes – or longer! Slow down a little more by turning off the TV, music, or closing your office door and revel in the quiet both inside and outside of your mind. And be mindful of multi-tasking; are you really getting more done, or are the little things taking longer because your attention is divided?

Make a Difference:

To be truly happy we humans need a life’s purpose. People have struggled for years in search of the meaning of life, but once you’ve found yours you’ll feel strong, and stand tall. Often we find the drive to life with purpose by helping someone. Even if you feel like you can’t help yourself, helping someone else in some small way can lift the weight from your mind. You can do small things like donating clothes and household items you don’t need to a thrift store or shelter, or financially support small and/or local charitable organizations where you can see the results in your own community. Volunteer your time, or just schedule a phone call with a friend you haven’t talked to in a while.

Take Care of Yourself:

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