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We teach you how to use the Art of Mandalas to change your life!

Do you want more focus, clarity, passion, and something that is just for you?


It took me the better part of 50 years to figure out how simple happiness is to share. I’m so happy that I’m here now, with you, ready to help you find it too!

What is happiness?

It is focus, it is drive, it is passion, it is confidence, it is calm, it is perseverance, and it is strength. Whether you feel these things in your life right now or not, you DO have all these elements of happiness at your fingertips.

What you need to do next is draw on them.

Or, as I like to, draw them.

Let me teach you about mandalas.

Mandala artistry puts the power back in your hands - literally. Pick up your pencil and let your journey begin. Absorb that moment of electrifying anticipation before lead touches paper. Let that first crackle of confidence illuminate your path to success. Then follow it!

Imagine finding focus, quieting anxiety, solving problems, sparking passion, and freeing your mind just by picking up a pencil. You can achieve your goal at your desk, cozied up in bed, stuck on a plane, even in the waiting room of the doctor’s office.

It’s true! It’s not a magical cure-all and I have no tincture to sell, but I do have the knowledge to share and I want you to have it. Whatever your age, whatever your stage in life, whether you are an accomplished artist or a dismal failure with a crayon, taking up the art of mandalas is for you.

For centuries mandalas have been used in Asian cultures to aid in spiritual devotion. Presently, the practice has been adapted for universal artistic expression and improving mindfulness. At Mandalas4You, we focus our mandala artistry entirely on personal development. It’s time for YOU to shine!

Mandalas appeal to everyone because they require no skill, just the willingness to try something new. Can’t draw? No problem. Lack steady hands? That’s okay! Colour uncoordinated? Fabulous! My courses focus on YOUR personal goals. I teach technique while you learn how to let go of stress and find the mental clarity to flourish despite any challenge you are currently struggling with.

You may wonder which problems are suitable to bring to your mandala practice. How about:

  • work goals
  • financial worry
  • family conflicts
  • stress
  • loneliness
  • frustration
  • boredom
  • lack of confidence

Truthfully, this list is infinite. You can work on quieting all of the above or let your mind rest while it helps you see a clear path forward. There is a reason we come up with our best ideas in the shower; mandalas work in the same way!

Here is what you can gain from drawing mandalas:

  • focus
  • calm
  • problem-solving
  • gratitude
  • personal strength
  • confidence
  • tranquility
  • joy

In my courses, you will learn how to embrace mindfulness - a state of mind in which you live in the moment and put your mind at ease. When you engage mindfulness through the art of mandalas, you give yourself a safe space to think freely and focus on what is most important at that time for you. It could be self-care, tackling a challenge, or choosing where to book your next holiday.

There is no wrong way to draw mandalas. You cannot choose the wrong colours, and there is no max or minimum time limit to gain value from your practice. Your connection with each mandala that you create is purely for your own benefit - leaving you to forget about rules while giving your mind space to find calm and really see what your next step could be.

Free your mind and let art be your guide.

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