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How often does the thought, I just need a moment to think cross your mind? We’re taught as children to stop and think. We spent so much of our youth being trained to stop and think, why can’t we do so as adults? Life experience isn’t the same as muscle memory, sometimes it pays to just stop and compare prices in the grocery store!

Adding a little mindfulness to your day can help you find some mental clarity to make wise decisions, and even fun ones. Do you need those shoes? Is it a sound decision to buy them even if you just want them? Make way in your busy mind to think about it!

Read to understand. When you’re looking at a price tag, your child’s report card, or an email at work, make space in your mind to take in the full meaning of the words. Focus entirely on the passage, don’t try to multitask. Ignore the bing! coming from your phone. Read in this moment, these words like a mantra. We are so quick to react with “I don’t understand.” But reading mindfully can truly help your independence, which ultimately helps you stay on schedule!

Five mins is all you need blogListen to your body, and focus on your needs. When you feel like you’re walking uphill all day long, ask yourself what small things you could do that would make the climb bearable. Maybe you need to stop and get cup of coffee or a drink of water. Sit down for a rest in the mall for 5 minutes and practice a short breathing exercise. Get up from your desk and take a quick stroll to stretch your muscles or dance to your favourite beat. Do you need lunch, or a snack?

Give yourself permission to take care of your physical health so that you can achieve your goals. That headache you’ve got? Pain is not normal, feeling rundown is not normal, a foggy brain is not normal; these are messages from your body to your brain that something is wrong, so pay attention.

Taking 15 minutes to drink some water and eat a snack could be the boost you’re missing to get through the rest of your task that’s been dragging on for hours. Close the office door and run through a short breathing exercise. It’s never a bad idea to make an appointment with your doctor and a nutritionist and bring your concerns forward.

Reorganize your priorities. Read your To-Do list and then complete a short meditation. Analyze your To-Do list for practicality and realistic expectations. Moving deadlines and asking for help are not signs of weakness, they are instead a show of strength!

The best way to fully engage in mindfulness is to set a specific time of day to meditate and stick with it. We recommend first thing in the morning. Even if you have to get up an hour earlier to find enough quiet time, it sets a productive tone for the rest of your day.

Try mindfulness with the art of mandalas! Learn how to draw while putting focus on breathing and mental clarity through our workshops today.

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