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For several years now the self-care Must-Do’s seem to focus on 2 actions: mindfulness, and writing things down. Mindfulness is a no-brainer by now, right?

It’s hard enough to carve out some me-time during the day to sit still and let your mind focus, and rewiring our brains to think positively is instantly rewarding, but do you have to pick up a pen and scroll something down in an honest-to-goodness journal or sticky note to truly succeed?

Why can’t you just use voice-to-text on your phone? Or just keep a list going in your mind?

In writing down your goals, your aspirations, your inspirations, your To-Do list, and your grocery list, you’re more likely to remember your points. When you put pen to paper your brain is given more information to process and store, which leads to a stronger memory. This article from Forbes about the science of writing and memory explains the why of it all in perfect details. This is why you’re more likely to remember items you jotted down on a handwritten grocery list you forgot on the kitchen counter than the texted list stored in the phone you forgot in the car. Those hand movements really make a difference. Try it!

The visual representation of your thought is also important. It’s easier to remember something when you can look at it regularly. That’s why you’re also regularly advised to not only write your goals and mantras down but to post them up Writing Mantras Journal blogwhere you can see them often, like on the bathroom mirror or the wall beside your computer monitor. But you have to do more than glance; truly read each word. Say it out loud! Use different colours, add doodles, write in the margins, do whatever it takes to draw your own attention back again and again.

Repetition is key to success. The more you see something, the more likely you are to recall it, and the more your body plays a physical part in that memory – like writing down an inspiration quote after you’ve read it – further reinforces the imprint in your memory.

Now, for those of you who find even the idea of writing something down daunting, stick to this rule: Just write it down! You’re not writing an essay, there’s no grade, you’re doing it for yourself. It doesn’t have to be pretty. Don’t fixate on the aesthetics, your focus should be the words themselves and the release of an idea, energy, inspiration, or personal growth that you have in mind.

Try it out with something simple, like turning a negative thought into a positive one, “I will find the good in each moment” and the next time you fixate on something negative, call to mind your mantra, what it looks like, and even what it felt like to write it down. Take your message to heart and carry on!

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