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The secret to success is to meditate daily. Meditation won’t guarantee you a lucky lottery ticket or your dream job, but it can provide you with the focus, calm, and mindfulness you need to see where you need to go in order to be your own hero. Daily meditation sounds daunting, but it feels natural. Get started on a schedule, and you’ll find yourself making room for meditation with ease. 

Don’t put off setting up your schedule for a “better” time; there is no better time. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, blue, or frustrated – as most of us feel in the drab months of winter, for example – is the best time to adopt regular meditation. Best part, get started now and be set-up to take your meditation on vacation and work trips so that you can efficiently manage to meditate anywhere.

Begin by choosing a realistic amount of time to meditate every day. Your daily goal might be half an hour, 20 minutes, 10 minutes, only 5, or just 1. Resist the urge to try carving out an hour or more every day in the beginning, it’s just not practical with our twenty-first century lives. Start with a short time span and build yourself up. It’s not a race, it’s a journey.

Set up a means to hold yourself accountable. Get or draw a calendar you can post in your bedroom or your bathroom to remind yourself to meditate, or set up reminders on your phone. Jot down what time of day you meditated and for Meditate Schedule bloghow long, even if the end results don’t match your goals. Compare your goals, results, and how you feel during and after meditation to evaluate whether you need to try a different time of day, or if you should increase or decrease the amount of time you’re aiming to meditate.

Choose a consistent time of day to practice meditation. You can meditate more often, but dedicate a specific time of day and then stick with it until it becomes second nature. We compare it to getting ready for work in the morning or brushing your teeth at night. Consistency is key when you’re integrating anything new into your routine. Once you meditate with ease you can switch things up.

Tell your family or roommates that you are not to be disturbed at this time. They don’t have to meditate with you, but they do have to respect your personal boundaries. Depending on your living situation and the ages and abilities of your family or roommates (for example, toddlers!), you may want to choose your daily meditation time to be when you are most likely to have a peaceful environment. Hint: Meditation is worth getting up early for!

Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things. Switch up your physical space, the clothes you wear, your mantras, your music, time of day, whatever you need to. Use an app, subscribe to meditations online or on CD. Join a group, online or in person, to support you in your meditation, and to further help you be accountable.

Finally, be gentle with yourself! If you fail to meet your goal, or you don’t meditate at exactly the time you planned to, acknowledge that but then do what you can to find a few minutes in what’s left of the day, and get back on schedule tomorrow.

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